Online sales channels: 8 powerful online sales channels

Online sales channels

Online sales channels are the digital media used to generate brand awareness and attract potential customers. In this post, we will share information about these 8 sales channels and your virtual store.

So that you can boost your business:

  • Instagram-shopping
  • The Facebook store
  • WhatsApp Business
  • Affiliate Program
  • Email marketing
  • Google ads
  • Tik Tok marketing
  • Google Shopping

 We want your goal of generating online sales not to be a headache, quite the opposite! We want you to have different resources at hand that complements your online store and help you increase your sales.

That’s why we’ve prepared this article, but first, let’s see what sales channels are and how they can help you boost your business.

What is a sales channel?

A sales channel is any medium through which brands make themselves known and present their products to their ideal consumers.

Another commonly used definition includes the sales channels, all those involved in the trajectory of a product, from its production to its consumption, including the means of disclosure and promotion.

Sales channels are divided into online and offline. As we talk about the digital environment, we will delve into online media, which currently represents an excellent opportunity to increase sales and grow all kinds of businesses.

Next, we will tell you the eight most popular online sales channels and how to use them to take your brand to another level.

Online sales channels to complement your e-commerce

Instagram Shopping

The first of the online sales channels we want to recommend is Instagram Shopping, which allows you to include labels with the prices of your products in feed publications, stories, and reels.

This way, when followers click on those tags, Instagram redirects them directly to your online store to facilitate the purchase.

“One of the advantages of using Instagram Shopping is that it is straightforward to synchronize it, and if, for example, you change the prices in your online store, they are automatically updated in the Instagram tags.

In addition, with Instagram Shopping, there is no more “inbox price,” but a direct link with the store is generated. Thus, the user has everything ready to buy!”.

 The store on Facebook

The second online sales channel we recommend is the Facebook store (or Facebook Shops ), a tab that you can add to your brand’s profile within this social network to show the products you sell in your e-commerce.

If your potential customer wants to buy them, Facebook redirects them to your online store by selecting the product. It means that it works similarly to Instagram Shopping.

“The store on Facebook is a tool we incorporated as soon as it came out because the customer browsing on Facebook can be closer to the brand’s products.

In addition, it is a free resource and does not have extra commissions for the sales generated.

The shopping experience is excellent from the cell phone because it is never necessary to change the application: you buy directly from Facebook, and it directs you to the store’s checkout”.

Surely at this point, you are wondering if it is convenient for you to use, as an online sales channel, Instagram Shopping, the Facebook store, or both, correct?

The answer will depend on your target audience: what’s the use of putting effort on Facebook if your audience is on Instagram and vice versa?

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is the third online sales channel that cannot be missing from your strategy to facilitate (and increase!) your sales. Do you want to know why? Franco tells us how he benefited his business:

“As our audience is very millennial (and they don’t even check email), a tool that works very well for us is WhatsApp Business. Thus, customers can write frequently, get rid of any doubts they have about the product, and even know the status of their order.

In addition, if a customer is near the showroom, they can send us a chat and ask us about the stock of the desired product, so they organize themselves to visit us.

The most significant benefit of WhatsApp in our business is its trust with our customers and the immediacy of communication. Both things significantly improve customer service”.

Affiliate programs

The fourth online sales channel that we recommend is affiliate marketing. Ideal if you don’t know much about marketing and want to increase your sales.

How does it work? Affiliates advertise your products or services through their social networks or web pages in exchange for commissions.

Online sales channels
Online sales channels

Email marketing

The fifth online sales channel we bring you in this list is one of the best ways to create a close relationship with your audience.

The main advantage of email marketing is that it works both to attract new customers and retain existing ones. It also serves to increase your purchase ratios.

6. Google Ads

The sixth online sales channel you can try in your business is Google Ads. One of the most popular for its effectiveness since it allows brands to reach their target audience. At the same time, users only see the ads that are relevant to them.

If you advertise with Google Ads, you can advertise on two major networks: search and display. It will allow you to appear when users do a related search or impact users who don’t know you yet (through remarketing techniques ).

“The best strategy that works for us, not only for us but for any online business, is a balanced relationship between content and digital marketing tools.

Having a venture with spirit, clear proposals, and an audience of followers interested in what you have to tell is as essential as a Google Ads campaign”.

Tiktok Marketing

The sixth online sales channel cannot be missing as long as the tone of your brand corresponds to this style. We already talked about other social networks like Instagram and Facebook, so it’s time for the fastest-growing app in recent years: Tiktok.

Although many of its e-commerce tools are not currently available worldwide (such as Tiktok Shopping, which seeks to facilitate the purchase of products directly from the application), more and more brands are taking advantage of its other features to attract traffic. To your website and increase your sales.

It is ideal for connecting with the younger audience since generation Z represents the most significant percentage of users of this video application.

 Bonus: Google Shopping

Finally, we want to recommend Google Shopping to you. An online sales channel similar to Google Ads but with some additional features that will help you increase your sales.

They are those products that appear in the form of a carousel above the organic search and the ads.

To use it, you must complete the registration in Google Merchant Center, integrate it with your Ads account, and create a Google Shopping campaign.

The main advantage is that users can see, in addition to the text, the photo of your products and the price highlighted in the search results.

Keep in mind that in the millennial era, technology and business always go hand in hand! If you are up to date with the trends and new e-commerce tools, your business will grow more and more, as will your sales.

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